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The VA Smalltalk Reports feature
VA Smalltalk Reports functions
Creating reports
Formatting reports
Viewing report information
Printing reports
VA Smalltalk Reports parts
VA Smalltalk Reports concepts
VA Smalltalk Reports examples
Preparing to use VA Smalltalk Reports
Creating a simple report
Creating a report
Creating a report part
Changing the settings of report parts
Setting defaults for reports
Adding text and graphics to a report
Testing, previewing, and printing a report
Testing a report
Previewing a report
Printing a report
Refreshing a report
Inspecting a report
Creating a reporting application
Constructing the user interface and the first query
Creating business expenses
Creating the report part
Creating a new report part
Reporting on a database query
Reporting on an ordered collection
Formatting your report
Testing your report
Adding print and preview support to your application
Adding a report viewer
Adding the push buttons
Testing your application
Other report functions
Adding field breaks to an iterator
Performing complex calculations
Creating reusable report forms
Enabling objects for reporting
VA Smalltalk Reports messages
Message format
Message descriptions
Parts Reference
Report Shell
Report Shell properties
Report Shell actions
Report Shell events
Report Form
Report Form properties
Report Form attributes
Report Form actions
Report Form events
Report Free Form
Report Free Form properties
Report Form attributes
Report Form actions
Report Form events
Report Line
Report Line properties
Report Line attributes
Report Line actions
Report Line events
Report Free Form Line properties
Report Free Form Line
Report Free Form Line attributes
Report Free Form Line actions
Report Free Form Line events
Report Iterator
Report Iterator properties
Report Iterator attributes
Report Iterator Actions
Report Iterator Events
Report Text Field
Report Text Field properties
Report Text Field attributes
Report Text Field actions
Report Text Field events
Report Image Field
Report Image Field properties
Report Image Field attributes
Report Image Field Actions
Report Image Field Events
Report Calculated Field
Report Calculated Field properties
Report Calculated Field attributes
Report Calculated Field actions
Report Calculated Field events
Report Date Field
Report Date Field properties
Report Date Field attributes
Report Date Field actions
Report Date Field events
Report Time Field
Report Time Field properties
Report Time Field attributes
Report Time Field actions
Report Time Field events
Report Page Number Field
Report Page Number Field properties
Report Page Number Field attributes
Report Page Number Field actions
Report Page Number Field events
Report Title Field
Report Title Field properties
Report Title Field attributes
Report Title Field actions
Report Title Field events
Report Column
Report Column properties
Report Column attributes
Report Column actions
Report Column events
Report Viewer
Report Viewer properties
Report Viewer actions
Report Viewer events
Report Printer
Report Printer properties
Report Printer attributes
Report Printer actions
Report Printer events
Reports Windows
Report Options
Report Tester
Printer Selection
Print Preview
Choose Pages
Data type customization windows
Boolean Customize
Boolean Customize fields
Boolean Customize push buttons
Character Customize
Character Customize fields
Character Customize push buttons
Date Customize
Date Customize fields
Date Customize push buttons
Decimal Customize
Decimal Customize fields
Decimal Customize push buttons
Float Customize
Float Customize fields
Float Customize push buttons
Integer Customize
Integer Customize fields
Integer Customize push buttons
Monetary amount Customize
Monetary amount Customize fields
Monetary amount Customize push buttons
Number Customize
Number Customize fields
Number Customize push buttons
Social security number Customize
Social security number Customize fields
Social security number Customize push buttons
String Customize
String Customize fields
String Customize push buttons
Time Customize
Time Customize fields
Time Customize push buttons
USA State Customize
USA State Customize fields
USA State Customize push buttons
Zip code Customize
Zip code Customize fields
Zip code Customize push buttons
Reports Pop-up Menus
Report Shell pop-up menu
Report Form and Report Line pop-up menu
Report field pop-up menu
Report Iterator pop-up menu
Report Form pop-up menu
Report Form pop-up menu
Report Form pop-up menu
Report Viewer and Report Printer pop-up menu
Appendix A. Installing an ODBC text database
Appendix B. VA Smalltalk Reports tips
General tips
Tips for using scripts with Reports
Tips for reporting on multi-row query results