VisualParts Reference
Visual Parts Reference
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Parts Reference
Understanding the parts reference information
Common feature information
Using the dragDropSpec attribute
Using the self attribute
Unlisted features
Band properties
Band attributes
Band actions
Band events
Band General Advice
Using a Band
C External Function
C External Function - Settings
DLL tab for C External Function
Record tab for C External Function
Prototypes tab for C External Function
C External Function attributes
C External Function actions
C External Function events
C External Function general advice
Compile and link options
Unsupported data types
C and VA Smalltalk class equivalents
COBOL External Function
COBOL External Function - Settings
DLL tab for COBOL External Function
Record tab for COBOL External Function
Prototypes tab for COBOL External Function
COBOL External Function attributes
COBOL External Function actions
COBOL External Function events
COBOL External Function general advice
Unsupported data types
COBOL and VA Smalltalk class equivalents
Combo Box
Combo Box properties
Combo Box attributes
Combo Box actions
Combo Box events
Combo Box general advice
Setting the Combo Box part data
Combo Box part limitations
Container Details
Container Details properties
Container Details attributes
Container Details actions
Container Details events
Container Details general advice
Common parts enabled on container details column
Color highlighting
Automatic proportional resizing
Tab and back tab cell navigation
Modifying the properties of an edit policy widget
Some common questions
Container Details Column
Container Details Column properties
Container Details Column attributes
Container Details Column actions
Container Details Column events
Container Details Column general advice
Container Details Tree
Container Details Tree properties
Container Details Tree attributes
Container Details Tree actions
Container Details Tree events
Container Flowed Icon List
Container Flowed Icon List properties
Container Flowed Icon List attributes
Container Flowed Icon List actions
Container Flowed Icon List events
Container Icon Area
Container Icon Area properties
Container Icon Area attributes
Container Icon Area actions
Container Icon Area events
Container Icon List
Container Icon List properties
Container Icon List attributes
Container Icon List actions
Container Icon List events
Container Icon Tree
Container Icon Tree properties
Container Icon Tree attributes
Container Icon Tree actions
Container Icon Tree events
DDE Client
DDE Client - Settings
General tab for DDE Client
DDE Client attributes
DDE Client actions
DDE Client events
DDE Client general advice
General DDE information
DDE Client information
Date and Time Picker
Date and Time Picker properties
Date and Time Picker attributes
Date and Time Picker actions
Date and Time Picker events
DDE Server
DDE Server - Settings
General tab for DDE Server
DDE Server attributes
DDE Server actions
DDE Server events
DDE Server general advice
General DDE information
Server Information
Drop-down List
Drop-down List properties
Drop-down List attributes
Drop-down List actions
Drop-down List events
Drop-down List general advice
Setting the Drop-down List data
File Selection Prompter
File Selection Prompter properties
File Selection Prompter attributes
File Selection Prompter actions
File Selection Prompter events
Form properties
Form attributes
Form actions
Form events
Form general advice
Aligning parts
Form Input Checker
Form Input Checker attributes
Form Input Checker actions
Form Input Checker events
Formatted Text
Formatted Text properties
Formatted Text attributes
Formatted Text actions
Formatted Text events
Group Box
Group Box properties
Group Box attributes
Group Box actions
Group Box events
Hot Spot
Hot Spot properties
Hot Spot attributes
Hot Spot actions
Hot Spot events
Label properties
Label attributes
Label actions
Label events
Label general advice
Setting the label
List properties
List attributes
List actions
List events
List general advice
Setting the List data
Special formatting
Default action
Menu Bar
Menu Bar attributes
Menu Bar actions
Menu Bar events
Menu Bar general advice
Graphic menu choices
Menu Bar Item
Menu Bar Item properties
Menu Bar Item attributes
Menu Bar Item actions
Menu Bar Item events
Menu Cascade
Menu Cascade properties
Menu Cascade attributes
Menu Cascade actions
Menu Cascade events
Menu Choice
Menu Choice properties
Menu Choice attributes
Menu Choice actions
Menu Choice events
Menu Toggle
Menu Toggle properties
Menu Toggle attributes
Menu Toggle actions
Menu Toggle events
Message Prompter
Message Prompter properties
Message Prompter attributes
Message Prompter actions
Message Prompter events
Month Calendar
Month Calendar properties
Month Calendar attributes
Month Calendar actions
Month Calendar events
Multi-Line Edit
Multi-line Edit properties
Multi-Line Edit attributes
Multi-Line Edit actions
Multi-Line Edit events
Multi-Line Edit general advice
Accessing the Multi-Line Edit data
Clipboard support
Multi-row Query
Multi-Row Query - Settings
Query Spec Tab for Multi-row Query
Fetch Tab for Multi-row Query
Update Tab for Multi-row Query
Multi-row Query attributes
Multi-row Query actions
Multi-row Query events
Multi-row Query general advice
Database access
Writing scripts
Duplicate rows
Host variables
Multi-row Query - Query Result Table
Query Result Table attributes
Query Result Table actions
Query Result Table events
Query Result Table general advice
Duplicate rows
Adding new rows
Multi-row Query -- Current Row
Current Row attributes
Current Row actions
Current Row events
Current Row general advice
Displaying and changing values
Multiple Select List
Multiple Select List properties
Multiple Select List attributes
Multiple Select List actions
Multiple Select List events
Multiple Select List general advice
Setting the Multiple Select List data
Default action
Selected items
Object Factory
Object Factory properties
Object Factory attributes
Object Factory actions
Object Factory events
Object Factory general advice
New Instance
OLE Client
OLE Client Properties
OLE Client attributes
OLE Client actions
OLE Client events
OLE Control
OLE Control properties
OLE Control attributes
OLE Control actions
OLE Control events
OLE File
OLE File properties
OLE File attributes
OLE File actions
OLE File events
Ordered Collection
Ordered Collection attributes
Ordered Collection actions
Ordered Collection events
OS/2 - Windows Notebook
OS/2-Windows Notebook properties
OS/2 - Windows Notebook attributes
OS/2 - Windows Notebook actions
OS/2 - Windows Notebook events
OS/2 - Windows Notebook general advice
OS/2 - Windows Notebook -- Notebook Initial Page
Notebook Initial Page attributes
Notebook Initial Page actions
Notebook Initial Page events
Packeting Container Details
Packeting Container Details properties
Packeting Container Details attributes
Packeting Container Details actions
Packeting Container Details events
Packeting Container Details general advice
Using Packeting Container Details with a database
Using Packeting Container Details without a database
PM Notebook
PM Notebook properties
PM Notebook attributes
PM Notebook actions
PM Notebook events
PM Notebook and Windows Notebook -- Notebook Page
Notebook Page properties
Notebook Page attributes
Notebook Page actions
Notebook Page events
Notebook Page general advice
Using forms
Popup Menu
Popup Menu attributes
Popup Menu actions
Popup Menu events
Program Starter
Program Starter - Settings
General tab for Program Starter
Program Starter attributes
Program Starter actions
Program Starter events
Program Starter general advice
Progress Bar
Progress Bar properties
Progress Bar attributes
Progress Bar actions
Progress Bar events
Progress Indicator
Progress Indicator properties
Progress Indicator attributes
Progress Indicator actions
Progress Indicator events
Push Button
Push Button properties
Push Button attributes
Push Button actions
Push Button events
Push Button general advice
Using a Push Button
Enabling and disabling push buttons
Graphic push buttons
Radio Button Set
Radio Button Set properties
Radio Button Set attributes
Radio Button Set actions
Radio Button Set events
Radio Button Set general advice
When a selection is made
Modifying the initial list of radio buttons
Rebar properties
Rebar attributes
Rebar actions
Rebar events
Rebar General Advice
Using a Rebar
Scale properties
Scale attributes
Scale actions
Scale events
Scale General Advice
Using a Scale
Scrolled Window
Scrolled Window properties
Scrolled Window attributes
Scrolled Window actions
Scrolled Window events
Separator properties
Separator attributes
Separator actions
Separator events
Separator general advice
Other uses for separators
Single-Row Query
Single-Row Query - Settings
Single-Row Query Attributes
Single-Row Query Actions
Single-Row Query Events
Single-Row Query - Result Row
Result Row attributes
Result Row actions
Result Row events
Slider properties
Slider attributes
Slider actions
Slider events
Spin Button
Spin Button properties
Spin Button attributes
Spin Button actions
Spin Button events
SQL Statement
SQL Statement - Settings
SQL Statement attributes
SQL Statement actions
SQL Statement events
Status Bar
Status Bar properties
Status Bar attributes
Status Bar actions
Status Bar events
Status Panel
Status Panel properties
Status Panel attributes
Status Panel actions
Status Panel events
Stored Procedure
Stored Procedure - Settings
Stored Procedure attributes
Stored Procedure actions
Stored Procedure events
Stored Procedure general advice
When to use a Stored Procedure
Tab properties
Tab attributes
Tab actions
Tab events
Tab Strip
Tab Strip properties
Tab Strip attributes
Tab Strip actions
Tab Strip events
Text properties
Text attributes
Text actions
Text events
Text general advice
Data validation and formatting
Accessing the Text part's data
Enabling and disabling Text parts
Text Prompter
Text Prompter properties
Text Prompter attributes
Text Prompter actions
Text Prompter events
Toggle Button
Toggle Button properties
Toggle Button attributes
Toggle Button actions
Toggle Button events
Toggle Button general advice
Enabling and disabling toggle buttons
Graphic Toggle buttons
Tool Bar
Tool Bar properties
Tool Bar attributes
Tool Bar actions
Tool Bar events
Tool Button
Tool Button properties
Tool Button attributes
Tool Button actions
Tool Button events
Tool Separator Button
Tool Separator Button properties
Tool Separator Button attributes
Tool Separator Button actions
Tool Separator Button events
Track Bar
Track Bar Properties
Track Bar attributes
Track Bar actions
Track Bar events
Tree View
Tree View Properties
Tree View attributes
Tree View actions
Tree View events
Variable attributes
Variable actions
Variable events
Variable general advice
View Wrapper
View Wrapper Properties
View Wrapper attributes
View Wrapper actions
View Wrapper events
View Wrapper general advice
Window Properties
Window attributes
Window actions
Window events
Window general advice
Opening and closing windows
Allowing window resizing
Window attribute connections
Windows Notebook
Windows Notebook Properties
Windows Notebook attributes
Windows Notebook actions
Windows Notebook events