Migration Guide
Migration Guide
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Introduction to Migration
Preparing for Migration
Merge applications from the existing library to the new library
Merge the new library into your existing library
Migrating from VisualAge Smalltalk V3.0 or earlier
Obsolete Code
Migrating applications from VisualAge Smalltalk Standard
Generating runtime code
Using the migration tool
Running the tool
Migrating database applications
Loading database migration support
Database Manager
Migrating your application
Database Access Set Runtime
Dynamic to Static
General migration
API maintained for compatibility
Dumping, loading, and the Common File System subsystem
Example: Unloading using CfsFileDescriptor
Example: Loading using CfsFileDescriptor
Other migration concerns
Enabling applications from Version 1.0 or 2.0 for packaging
Promoted features of a Container Details View
Updating connections
References to pool dictionary CwConstants, AbtCwConstants, or EwConstants
AbtNormalGraphic constant used in nonvisual parts
Web Connection
Extensions of Decimal class
Applications that use OSObject subclasses
Migrating OSObject subclasses
Migrating code that instantiates OSObject directly
View wrappers that use attribute-to-attribute connections
Migrating the default font for Report Writer reports
Packager warning 'No implementors of fixupNlsPool'
EwIconTree migration may cause walkback
Shortcut keys eliminated from Buttons
Migrating from Version 4.0, 4.01, or 4.02
Packager changes
Symbol and class reference adjustment API
Priority for packaging rules
Problem and rule policies
Problem policies
Rule policies
Migrating distributed applications
Distributed Smalltalk infrastructure
Object space
Logical process
Distributed development tools
Remote Workspace
Remote Transcript
Remote file dialog
Distributed Inspector
Distributed Debugger
Distributed garbage collection
Distributed load
Name server
Event profiling (method calls)
VA Smalltalk Parts
Distribution menu
Distributed runtime APIs
Basic remote object API
Object copying API
Parallel processing API
Name server
Event callbacks (connect/disconnect)
Distributed exceptions
Object space management
Porting guidelines
Distributed runtime APIs
Other migration concerns
Using VA Smalltalk features in server applications
Runtime code for nonvisual parts in server applications
Headless runtime applications
Signalling events with arguments
Ending server applications
MVS applications that reference subsystem type 'TM'
Smalltalk error message in a CICS workstation environment
Search path for multiple images of Smalltalk using CICS classes
Snapshot files
Migrating from Version 4.5
Formatted Text Field part
Enhanced shared library support on AIX
Server applications using .mpr files
Migrating from Version 5.0
Some base features no longer available
Some separately priced features no longer available
Hiding Java packages and projects in browsers
Providing a customized splash screen
Migrating control files
Importing feature code
Migrating method mappings to JDK 1.2
Changes in Server Workbench
Current code page support is inconsistent on supported platforms
AbtConnectionSpec >>#targetCodePage: expects a String argument
Migrating from Version 5.5
Elimination of required map links in configuration maps
Low-level configuration map reorganization
Time class shape changed
Default XML serialization methods added for Date and Time
Changed behavior of millisecondClockValue on OS/390
Behavior change in handling negative system time
Behavior change in creating FileStreams
Packager 'do not reduce' rule behavior changed
EMSRV startup parameter changes
SST HTTP Servlet API changed
POSIX Migration on OS/390
Behavior changes for Application Builder parts
Migrating from Version 6.0
AbtPortableNotebookPageView inconsistent behavior
ScaledDecimal>>#hash changed
Subtle change to Compiler
Using ‘Class Variable Initializer’ packaging rules for IC packaging
Removed unused method #abtXmlPrintOn:namespaces:
Suppress serialization of nil attribute values when attribute mapping specifies Required=”false”
Migrating from Version 7.0
Windows theme support interferes with some testing tools
SST HTTP Server access log
Migrating from Version 7.5
Modifiable splash screen on Windows
Consolidate EtToolsVendorExtensionsApp and VisualAgeVendorExtensionsApp
Server Smalltalk (SST) feature definition changes
Merge ENVY/Image Controls apps into other maps
Changes to the AbtTimestamp class
New testing and conversion CLDT API methods
Manifest file changes some GUI appearance on Windows
Merge AbtCwControlsEdit and AbtCwControlsRun apps into other maps
Change to SstHttpServletRequest>>#getContentType
Migrating from Version 8.0
Changes to the UNIXProcess class
Change to default RMI stubProtocolVersion
Change to exception handling
Change to Dictionary>>#copy behavior
AbtWaitApp moved from IBM Smalltalk, ALL - UI Run to IBM Smalltalk, ALL - Headless configuration map
New testing CLDT API methods
Object>>#initialize method added
Migrating from Version 8.0.1
Grease Core and Grease Core Tests maps are obsolete
EsString>>#subStrings: changed to be ANSI-compliant and portable
Random class and methods referring to it have been removed
SequenceableCollection>>#beginsWith: and #endsWith: have been replaced
Duration>>#milliseconds changed to be portable
IdentitySet class added as replacement for EsIdentitySet
Color class promoted from WbKernel to Kernel
SortedCollection private methods #sorted and #sorted: renamed
Migrating from Version 8.0.2
Object>>#value added to CLDT
Icon management classes have been reworked
Mastering ENVY/Developer Configuration Expression Prompter configuration map removed
Changes to ScaledDecimal>>#printOn: and #printString
Changes to TrailBlazer Browsers
Migrating from Version 8.0.3
Consolidation of EsbBenchmarksES subapplication
Change Float and Scaled Decimal 32-bit hash for better distribution
INI file changes introduced by Preference Settings Framework
Change to CgScreen class>>bitmapPath and Locale class>>nlsPath
Migrating from Version 8.5
Changed specification of ODBC dll or shared object in .INI file
Changed PlatformConstants::Error to PlatformConstants::Errorregion for Windows
Added 2 Parameters to the socketAppender Setting in the ini File
Changed default settings for VA Assist Pro
Abt Hover Tooltip text now left-aligned by default
Class definition template changed in standard browsers
Migrating from Version 8.5.1
Parameters in the [log4s] stanza of the .INI file should not be enclosed in parentheses
Time Zone Support Introduced
Prerequisite ICs changed in many IC packaging instructions
String>>asInteger has been removed from EsLoggingFrameWorkApp
Migrating from Version 8.5.2
EsLogManager class>>error: and EsLogManager class>>info: have been removed from EsLoggingFrameWorkApp
Signal>>#description changed for compatibility with class-based Exceptions
EsTimeZone class has changed
Migrating from Version 8.6
Deprecate and replace classes AbtBase64Coder and SstBase64Coder
Deprecate and replace incorrect Windows code page conversion API wrapper methods
Object>>#triggerEvent: added to AbtCLDTAdditions for portability
Print methods added to Integer and Float in CLDT for portability
Migrating from Version 8.6.1
Deprecate classes OSHostent, OSProtoent, and OSServent
EmCompressor compression/decompression algorithm changed
Move SequenceableCollection>>#swap:with: to CLDT for shared use by RBBrowserUIApp and SeasideCoreApp
Dictionary now implements #= and #hash
Multipart Forms Processing Now Removes Only the Trailing Cr/Lf Leaving Whitespace Intact At the End of the Content
SSL Version 2 & 3 Protocols Have Been Deprecated
OpenSSL Libraries are no longer distributed with VA Smalltalk
Migrating from Version 8.6.2
Changed representation of socket address in OSSocketAddrInet and SciSocketAddress
Cryptography methods modified to support OpenSSL 1.1
Migrating from Version 8.6.3
PlatformFunction and EsEntryPoint parameter/return type accuracy requirement changed
PlatformFunction and EsEntryPoint type #handle should not be used
Restrictions on nested use of #lockThreadIn:
Migrating from Version 9.0
AbtWaitApp changes
EsCompressionStreamsApp changes
EswStreamExtensions changes
Async Queue Overflow default policy change
Character conversion default policy change on Unix
Stream nextLine changes
Migrating from Version 9.1
EmAttachments changes
SstImap4Communications changes
SstSMTPCommunications changes
NeoJSON WriteStream extension changes
Manifest file changes some GUI appearance on Windows
General database changes related storing handles
Server Runtime’s (SRT’s) are now self contained
HiDPI impacts class side OSWidget level extent methods
HiDPI impacts fonts
Deprecate AbtConditionalWait>>#setDefaultWaitValues
Migrating from Version 9.2
Transcript search results sorted
HiDPI requires default font change
Migrating from Version 9.2.2
Non-Inheritable Handles by default on Windows
Default OpenSSL PlatformLibrary Name Mapping Update
Exponential notation will now always answer a Float instance
Migrating from Version 10.0.0
EsCodePageUtilitiesApp moved to CodePageSupport
Object>>#abrAsClass has been deprecated
Migrating from Version 11.0.0
"Rectangle" key renamed to "RectangleFunction" in #_PRAGMA_PlatformFunctions
Migrating from Version 11.0.1
#sstBase64Encoded now uses Base64Coder instead of Base64CoderMime
On Linux, glibc function ftime() usage in VM has been removed
LDAP search parameter handling changed
Deprecated Classes and Methods
Migration Tools
Library Importer Tool
Export/Import Passive Image Properties