Reorder connections
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By default, connections run in the order that they were created.
To change the sequence in which connections from a part run:
1. Using mouse button 2 (or, for UNIX, mouse button 3), click on the part that is the source of the connections you want to reorder.
2. From the displayed pop-up menu for the part, select Reorder Connections From.
This opens a Reorder Connections window for the part. The window shows the connection run first at the top, and the one run last at the bottom.
3. Using mouse button 1, select and drag a connection to move it to a different spot in the order. (On UNIX use mouse button 2 to change the order of the connections.)
4. After you finish, select Close from the system menu of the Reorder Connections window.
Last modified date: 08/08/2019