Change a connection's endpoints
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You can change a connection's endpoint.
Changing the attribute, event, or action  
To change a connection's endpoint to a different attribute, event, or action of the same part:
1. Double-click on the connection whose endpoints you want to change. This opens the settings view for the connection.
2. In the settings window, select the source and target endpoints of the connection.
3. Select OK.
Connecting to a different part  
To move a connection endpoint to a different part:
1. Select the connection you want to move.
2. Place the mouse pointer over the selection handle at the end of the connection that you want to move.
3. Hold down mouse button 1 and drag the connection to the part to which you want to move the endpoint. (On UNIX, hold down mouse button 2.)
4. Release the mouse button.
5. From the displayed list of available endpoints, select an attribute, event, or action.
Last modified date: 08/08/2019