Retrieve connection result values
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When a connection runs, it generates a result value. The result can be any of several values:
For an attribute-to-attribute or event-to-attribute connection, the result is the value of the attribute after the connection runs.
For an attribute-to-action or event-to-action connection, the result is the answer (return) value of the Smalltalk script run by the action.
The public interface of any connection includes an attribute called result. By connecting to the result attribute, you can retrieve the connection's result value.
Because the result attribute always changes in value when a connection runs, you can also use the result attribute to trigger actions that depend upon a previous action's completion. By making an attribute-to-action connection from the result attribute of a connection to an action of another part, you cause the action to run as soon as the first connection runs.
Last modified date: 08/08/2019