Deleting parts completely
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Even after you delete a part, VA Smalltalk might display a message indicating that instances of the part still exist.
If you get this message, do the following to delete all instances of the part:
1. Go to the System Transcript window. (In the Organizer window, select System Transcript from the Window menu.)
2. Type the following Smalltalk code into the System Transcript's text pane, supplying the part's name for <part name>:
<part name> allInstances do: [ : ea |
ea become: nil ]
3. From the Edit menu, select Execute.
The code, when executed, sets all instances of the part to nil. After executing the code, delete the part.
For extensive information on deleting parts and on retrieving deleted parts, refer to the following:
Visual Programming User Guide
SmalltalkUser Guide
Last modified date: 07/25/2020