Copy parts
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To copy a part, do the following:
1. Place the mouse pointer over the part you want to copy.
2. Hold down the Ctrl key and mouse button 2 on UNIX Ctrl key and mouse button 1 on Windows platforms, and move the mouse pointer to the location where you want to place the copy of the part.
As you move the mouse, you see an outline of the part you are copying, and a border around the window or form that will contain the new part when you release the mouse button.
3. Release the Ctrl key and mouse button 2. The part appears in its new location.
If the part you are dragging is one of several parts that are selected, all of the selected parts are copied.
If you start to copy a part and then decide you do not want to, press Esc before releasing the mouse button.
Last modified date: 08/08/2019