Move parts
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To move a part to another location on the free-form surface:
1. Click and hold down mouse button 1 to move parts. (On UNIX hold down mouse button 2 to move parts.)
As you move the mouse, you see an outline of the part you are moving, and a border around the window or form that will contain the part when you release the mouse button.
2. Move the mouse pointer to the location where you want to position the part and release the mouse button.
To fine tune the placement of parts, you can move them one pixel at a time using the arrow keys. Select the part or parts you want to move and then use the arrow keys to move the parts one pixel at a time in that direction.
You can move several parts at once by first selecting all of the parts you want to move. You may then grab any selected part and drag all selected parts to their new location.
If you start to move a part and then decide you want to leave it where it is, press Esc before releasing the mouse button.
Last modified date: 08/08/2019