Change a part's name
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If you have several parts of the same type on one window and you'll be adding a script to your application, consider changing the names of similar parts. It's easier to distinguish among similar parts if you assign them names that you'll remember.
For example, when you add two push buttons to a window, VA Smalltalk assigns them the names "Push Button1" and "Push Button2." If you change the names to something meaningful, like "Start Button" and "Stop Button," they're easier to remember. The names you assign won't appear on the interface. They're solely for your benefit.
To change a part's name:
1. Click on the part using mouse button 2. (For UNIX, use mouse button 3.)
2. From the displayed pop-up menu for the part, select Change Name.
3. In the displayed prompter, replace the default name that VA Smalltalk assigned the part with a name that you'll remember.
4. Select OK.
Last modified date: 08/01/2019