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Display message boxes
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For some applications, you'll want to display a message box to inform the user of something that has or might occur.
Adding a message box  
To add a message box to your application:
1. Go to a Composition Editor open on a visual part in your application.
2. Select Prompter category icon (Prompter category) and Message Prompter icon (Message Prompter part).
3. Click on the free-form surface.
Changing the settings for the message box  
Define what the message box displays by changing its settings:
1. Open the Message Prompter part's Properties window.
2. Specify the iconType, title, messageString, and buttonType.
Connecting the message box to other parts  
After you define a message box, you make an event-to-action connection so the message box displays when the event occurs.
Connect the event, such as clicked for a push button, to the prompt action of the Message Box part.
Last modified date: 08/14/2019