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Step 5: Change the parts' names
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AlarmClockView has multiple spin and push buttons. VA Smalltalk assigned those parts names such as Spin Button1, Spin Button2, and so on. To make it easier to distinguish among parts that have similar names, you should rename them.
To change names of parts in AlarmClockView:
1. Using mouse button 2, click on the Hour spin button. (For UNIX(R), use mouse button 3.)
2. From the displayed pop-up menu for the part, select Change Name.
3. In the displayed prompter, replace the default name that VA Smalltalk assigned the part with the name Hour
4. Select OK.
Name Change Request window
Repeat these steps, renaming the following parts:
New name
Minute spin button
Multi-line edit
Set Alarm push button
Set Alarm button
Cancel push button
Cancel button
Last modified date: 05/21/2020