Example: Add popup menus
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The text editor example has four choices on its Edit pull-down menu that would be useful to have on a popup menu.
Adding a popup menu  
To add a popup menu that has the four choices:
1. Select Popup Menu icon (Popup Menu part) from Menus category icon (Menus category).
2. Click on the free-form surface.
3. Put a check mark in the Sticky check box.
4. Select Menu Choice icon (Menu Choice part).
5. Click four times on the Popup Menu part.
6. Click on Selection tool (Selection tool) to de-activate the Sticky.
7. Change the labels of the popup menu choices to Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select all.
Adding a separator  
Next, add a separator between the Paste and Select all choices.
Separator icon(Separator part) is in Menus category icon (Menus category).
Adding the connections  
Finally, add the connections. Connect the clicked event of each menu choice to the following actions:
Menu choice
Target action
Multi-line Edit's cutSelection
Multi-line Edit's copySelection
Multi-line Edit's paste
Select all
Multi-line Edit's selectAll
And, connect the popup menu's self attribute to the Multi-line Edit's menu attribute.
Now you're done! Select Test (Test tool) and try out the menus. Then, save the part.
Last modified date: 08/14/2019