Example: Add menu choices
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The text editor example has five choices on its two pull-down menus.
Adding menu choices  
To add the menu choices to its File and Edit pull-down menus, do the following:
1. Put a check mark in the Sticky check box.
2. Select Menu Choice icon(Menu Choice part) from Menus category(Menus category).
3. Click once on the File pull-down menu on the free-form surface. (It's called Popup Menu1.) And click four times on the Edit pull-down menu, Popup Menu2.
4. Click on Selection tool(Selection tool) to de-activate the Sticky.
5. Change the labels of the menu choices. The File pull-down menu has the choice Exit.
Window with menu choices
And the Edit menu has the choices Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select all.
Adding a separator  
Next, add a separator between the Paste and Select all choices.
Separator icon(Separator part) is in Menus category icon(Menus category).
The Edit pull-down menu now resembles the following:
Pop-uo Menu
Adding the connections  
Finally, connect the clicked event of each menu choice to the following actions:
Menu choice
Target action
Window's closeWidget
Multi-line Edit's cutSelection
Multi-line Edit's copySelection
Multi-line Edit's paste
Select all
Multi-line Edit's selectAll
Last modified date: 08/14/2019