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Step 4: Change the parts' labels
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To change the text of labels for parts in AlarmClockView:
1. Hold down the Alt key.
2. Click on text that you want to change. For example, click on Window shown in the window's title bar.
3. Once a text pane appears where you clicked, type in the new label. For the window, type:
Alarm Clock
4. When you finish, click on one of the other parts.
Alarm clock window with title changed
Repeat the above steps, except change the text for the other parts to the following:
New labels
4 Labels
Time of event:
Message to be shown:
2 Push Buttons
Set Alarm
After you change the labels, the Alarm Clock window should resemble the following:
Alarm clock window with part properties changed
Last modified date: 08/01/2019