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Step 3: Change the parts' settings
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This example will be easier to follow if you are using the Properties Table setting. To make sure you are using Properties Table settings views:
1. Switch to the Organizer.
2. From the Options pull-down, select Preferences.
3. In the VA Smalltalk Preferences window, under Preferred Settings View, select Properties Table.
4. Select OK to close the Preferences window.
5. Switch back to the Composition Editor.
You can customize a part by changing its settings. To change the settings for parts in AlarmClockView:
1. Open the Properties window for the Hour (left) spin button.
To open the Properties window of a part, do any of the following:
a. Double-click on the part.
b. Select a part, then select Open Settings from the pop-up menu for the part.
c. Select a part, then select Open Properties tool icon from the tool bar.
2. In the Properties window, change the maximum property value to 23.
3. Select the Minute (right) spin button.
4. Change the maximum property value to 59.
The part is updated with the new property value when you change a property's value and click anywhere outside of the value cell for the property you just changed or close the supplementary dialog used to change the part's property.
These are the only changes that need to be made in settings view windows for parts in AlarmClockView. You can otherwise keep the default values.
Last modified date: 04/23/2020