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File out archival code for access sets
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Another way to share an access set is by generating archival code for it and filing it out.
Select your access set part in the Organizer and select Generate > Archival Code from the Parts menu. This creates one Smalltalk class method for each query in the access set part.
After you have generated the archival code, you can file out or file in the part, just like any other Smalltalk class.
When you generate archival code for an access set, a method called reinitializeAllSpecsFromMethods is also generated. VA Smalltalk uses this method to rebuild the query objects from the Smalltalk code. If you need to reinitialize the query objects yourself, you can execute Smalltalk statements like the ones in reinitializeAllSpecsFromMethods. You might need to do this if you file in each query method individually, or if you change the name of the access set before filing it in.
Last modified date: 08/13/2019