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Step 2: Add parts to AlarmClockView
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When completed, AlarmClockView has the following user interface:
Alarm Clock user interface
To define this user interface, first, add two push buttons to the empty window in the Composition Editor:
1. Select Buttons category icon(Buttons category) and Push Button icon(Push Button part) from the parts palette. After you select them, the status line along the bottom of the editor shows:
Category: Buttons Part: Push Button
2. Click on the Sticky checkbox in the lower left of the editor so it shows a check mark. You now can add multiple push buttons to the empty window without having to select the Push Button part again.
3. Click on the lower-left and then on the lower-right of the window. This adds the push buttons.
Window with push button
4. Click on Selection tool(the Selection tool) on the Tool bar to disarm the Sticky.
Next, add the other parts. You'll need:
Parts to add
Where they are in the parts palette
1 Multi-line Edit
Data Entry category iconcategory, Multi-line Edit iconpart
4 Labels
Data Entry category iconcategory, Label iconpart
2 Spin Buttons
Data Entry category iconcategory, Spin Button iconpart
After you add the parts, the window resembles:
Alarm clock window with parts as dropped
Last modified date: 08/01/2019