Display a result column
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To display a single column of a database result table, follow these steps:
1. Tear off the resultTable attribute from the query part, and then tear off the currentRow attribute from the result table.
2. Create a quick form of the current row's self attribute.
So far, you have a simple user interface that displays one row of the result table. Since there is no way to navigate through the rows of the result table, change the user interface to add this capability.
3. Delete one of the text entry fields and replace it with a drop-down list part.
4. Connect the rows attribute of the result table to the items attribute of the drop-down list.
5. Open the settings for the drop-down list and enter the name of the column whose text entry field you deleted in the Attribute to display field. This tells VA Smalltalk that instead of displaying all of the result data, you only want to display a single column in the drop-down list.
6. Connect the drop-down list's selectionIndex attribute to the result table's currentRowIndex attribute. Now, when you select a different item in the drop-down list, the current row will change, and the other fields in the window will be updated.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019