Use a quick form
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Most attributes of VA Smalltalk parts have quick forms associated with them. In many cases, the fastest way to construct a user interface is to begin with a part's quick form. You can use quick forms of database query parts to display an entire table of information or just a single value:
1. From the pop-up menu of your query part, select Quick Form and then resultTable.
If you change the settings of a query part, you need to generate the quick form again for the changes to take effect.
2. Move the mouse pointer over your window and click button 1. VA Smalltalk tears off the result table, and a default visual representation, or form, of the result table appears. The quick form for a result table is the Container Details part.
When creating a quick form, VA Smalltalk provides the connections necessary to keep the nonvisual part synchronized with the visual part. For a result table, VA Smalltalk creates three connections between your result table part and the container details part in the window:
The result table's self to the container details part's items
The result table's selectedRowIndices to the container details part's selectionIndices
Last modified date: 08/12/2019