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Page 1 has the following update options:
Read only
Prohibits updates to the query result table. When you select this setting, the remaining options on the page are disabled.
Defer updates
Determines when changes made to a result table are applied to the database. When you select this setting, VA Smalltalk holds all changes to the result table until the user performs a specific action (such as selecting a push button) to apply or cancel them. After the user applies the changes, VA Smalltalk then obtains a lock on any rows that changed. Also, when you select this setting, the Lock row on edit option is disabled.
When this setting is not selected, all changes are applied to the database immediately. They are not committed, however, unless you enable the Auto commit option.
Lock row on edit
Obtains a lock on the row being edited so that no other users can edit it.
VA Smalltalk obtains locks by opening a cursor on the row. When a different row is edited, the previous row is updated if it has changed. Changing to a different row causes an update lock and the cursor is closed.
Auto commit
Commits all changes to the result table without requiring the user to perform a specific action. The effect of this option varies according to the Defer updates setting:
When Auto commit and Defer updates are both selected, changes are committed when the apply action is triggered.
When Auto commit is selected but Defer updates is not, changes are committed when the user selects another cell or row from the result table.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019