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Page 1 has the following fetch options:
Maximum number of rows to fetch
The number of rows to be returned by the query.
Enable packeting
Enables the container details part (the quick form for multi-row query result tables) to request the result table rows as the application needs them. This option can speed the display of result table data by loading into memory only those rows that can be displayed in the container details part (plus a number of buffered rows to make scrolling through the result table smoother).
Enable blocked fetches
Enables you to set a blocked fetch size.
Blocked fetch size
The number of rows to fetch in a block. If packeting is enabled, blocked fetch size also determines the size of a packet.
If you leave this field blank, then the database manager automatically determines the block size. If packeting is enabled, this field should not be left blank.
If you are using ODBC, there may be specific drivers that do not support blocked fetch size.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019