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Select a connection specification
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To select a connection specification for a query:
1. From the part's pop-up menu, select Open Settings, or just double-click on the part.
2. From the Connection alias drop-down list, select a connection alias.
You can check the status of a connection specification by selecting the Connection Specs push button. This button displays the Database connection specifications window. If the value in the Active? field is Yes, then you are connected to the database manager. If the value in this field is No, then you can connect to the database manager by selecting the connection specification, pressing mouse button 2 to display the pop-up menu, and then selecting Connect.
3. From the Access set drop-down list, select an access set.
The connection aliases and access sets that appear in the drop-down lists on this window include those defined for the current application and its prerequisites.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019