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Create a connection specification
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To define a connection specification, follow these steps:
1. From the Options menu in the Organizer, select Database connections.
2. To define a new connection specification, select New.
3. In the Connection alias field, type an alias for the database manager and database. The alias must be a valid method name: SampleConSpec is valid, but Sample Connection Spec is not.
4. From the Access set drop-down list, select the access set to store the connection specification in.
5. From the Database Manager drop-down list, select the database manager you want to use.
If no database managers appear in the drop-down list, then you need to load a database support feature, as explained in "Load a database feature."
6. From the Database name (or Data source name for ODBC) drop-down list, select the name of your database or data source.
7. To prompt users for their database logon ID and password, select the Prompt for logon information check box.
8. After you complete the fields, select OK. The connection specification is saved, and you are returned to the Database connection specifications window.
Your new connection specification appears in both lists in the Database connection specifications window, and the prerequisites for the application are updated.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019