Define an access set
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VA Smalltalk saves queries, stored procedures, and connection specifications in access sets. An access set can be packaged with your application, much like the classes that define your visual and nonvisual parts. An access set can hold many queries, stored procedures, and connection specifications, and can be shared by different applications.
To define an access set:
1. In the Applications pane of the Organizer, select your database application.
2. From the basic Parts menu, select New. (Or, from the full Parts menu, select New
3. In the Part class field, type a name for your access set.
4. From the Part type drop-down list, select Database access set.
5. Select OK.
The new access set is added to the list of parts for your application.
If you use only one database manager, you can use the same access set for storing all of the queries, stored procedures, and connection specifications in an application. If you use more than one database manager, such as DB2 and SQL Server, create an access set for each database manager. Though using separate access sets is not a requirement, it helps you to determine appropriate prerequisites when you package your application. VA Smalltalk attempts to maintain prerequisites according to the connection specifications defined in an application.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019