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Define ODBC data sources
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VA Smalltalk provides the capability to access data souces through ODBC. VA Smalltalk does not include any ODBC drivers. You must obtain the necessary drivers before you can access data sources through ODBC from VA Smalltalk.
VA Smalltalk ODBC support requires you to use several tools and resources to define an ODBC connection between VA Smalltalk and your databases:
Database drivers
A .DLL that provides the ODBC interface between VA Smalltalk and your data sources.
ODBC Administrator
A program that helps you to define an ODBC.INI file.
A file that stores configuration and connection information for data sources that you access through ODBC.
The ODBC.INI file is only used by UNIX. Windows(R) use your registry.
A file that VA Smalltalk uses to create the ODBC.INI file.
On UNIX VA Smalltalk ODBC Support uses a file called ODBC.INI to store configuration and connection information for databases that you access through ODBC. Before you can access a database through ODBC, you must create an ODBC.INI file. VA Smalltalk provides a tool in the ODBC sample application that you can use to install ODBC database drivers and set up data sources.
To set up ODBC data sources, complete the steps below.
1. Load the ODBC sample application for access to the tools you need to set up data sources.
2. Install the ODBC drivers.
3. Set up ODBC data sources.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019