Copy scripts
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To copy a script between parts (classes):
1. Ensure that the application that contains the part to which you're copying the script (target part) is an edition.
2. Open the Script Editor on the part that holds the script.
3. Select the category that contains the script (left pane) and then the script (right pane).
4. From the Methods menu, select Copy.
5. In the displayed prompter, name the target part; then select OK.
A second prompter opens, listing applications that can receive the script. If the target application isn't in the list, add it as prerequisite of the application containing the part.
6. Select the application that contains the target part; then select OK.
Moving the script
To move the script to a different part, complete steps similar to those above, except select Move > To A New Class from the Methods menu.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019