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Change my application's prerequisites
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One way that you can change an application is to change the prerequisite applications that your application uses.
To change an application's prerequisites:
1. In the Organizer window, select your application, and then select Prerequisites from the full Applications menu.
2. In the displayed Prerequisites window, select the Change push button.
3. In the displayed dialog, select the applications you want to add as prerequisites from the Available pane and select >>.
To remove an application as a prerequisite, select it in the Immediate Prerequisites pane and click on <<.
4. After your make the changes, select OK to close the dialog and return to the Prerequisites window.
5. Select OK.
You can complete similar steps in the Make Executable window. To open the window, select Make Executable from the Applications menu. However, after you change the prerequisites, use the system menu to close the Make Executable window. Don't select OK unless you want to package your application into an executable file.
Last modified date: 08/01/2019