Find the incorrect connection
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To find an incorrect connection:
1. Open the Connection Trace Log from the Composition Editor by selecting Debug from the Options menu. This starts a test instance of your visual part and displays the Connection Trace Log and a Smalltalk debugger.
By default, the Connection Trace Log starts with all connections in your visual part set as connection breakpoints and tracepoints, meaning it suspends execution and displays information for every connection. You can change the initial tracepoints and breakpoints by selecting the Specified, All, or None radio buttons for Break on and Trace.
2. The debugger shows that a breakpoint was set by VA Smalltalk before the last connection in the Connection Trace Log.
3. To ensure that you have made valid connections within your application, use the debugger in conjunction with the Composition Editor while testing your application.
4. In the Script Debugger window, you can step through connections the same way you step through Smalltalk code, use the Into, Over, Return, and Resume buttons.
5. When the debugger stops on a breakpoint, you can inspect the variables and see what values are passed along the connection tracepoint.
To inspect variables, select a variable in the debugger and then select Inspect from the variable pane's pop-up menu.
Last modified date: 08/12/2019