Debug connections
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If your connections aren't doing what you intended, you might find a Connection Debugger useful. The Connection Trace Log window can help you detect the following types of errors:
Connections that are out of order
Connections that have incorrect parameter values
Connections that need to be made
Only one Connection Trace Log window can be open at a time. When you open the Connection Trace Log window, you are placed into test mode for your application.
The Connection Trace Log starts with a default set of connection tracepoints and breakpoints. Once you are in the Connection Trace Log, you can change the initial tracepoints and breakpoints by selecting the Specified, All, or None radio buttons for Break on and Trace.
The set of breakpoints you define must be a subset of the set of tracepoints; in other words, all breakpoints must also be tracepoints. Using the radio button sets, five combinations are possible, as follows:
Specified breakpoints and tracepoints
Specified breakpoints and all tracepoints
No breakpoints and specified tracepoints
All breakpoints and tracepoints (the default)
No breakpoints and all tracepoints
You can specify no breakpoints or tracepoints, but then no debugging information is displayed.
Last modified date: 08/08/2019