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Use the UPDATE Details window
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To interactively create SQL syntax for an UPDATE statement:
1. Select Create > UPDATE from the Query menu of the SQL Statement - Settings window. The UPDATE Details window is displayed, with the tables and views of the database defined in the connection specification listed in the Table/view drop-down list.
2. Type a name for the query in the Query name text entry field. The name must be unique within a particular access set, and it cannot contain double-byte characters.
3. Type a description for the query in the Description text entry field. (The description is optional.)
4. Use the list panes and menus in the UPDATE Details window to define the tables, columns, and clauses to be included in the query. For instructions on using this window, see the VA Smalltalk on-line help facilities.
5. Select WHERE clause to specify the WHERE clause of the UPDATE statement.
6. To save your query, select Apply.
Your query is saved in the access set and you are returned to the SQL Statement - Settings window. The name and description of your query are displayed in the Query name drop-down list and Description text field, respectively.
Last modified date: 10/02/2020