Tonel is a text-based file format used to store Smalltalk source code on disk, and was designed from scratch to be version control system (VCS) friendly. Because it is widely accepted by the Smalltalk community, Tonel support was introduced in VAST Platform 2021 (10.0.0). Tonel support is meant to enhance ENVY (the standard VCS in VAST).
Open source projects using Tonel for VAST can be found in the [VAST Community Hub]( or in [Instantiations' GitHub respositories](
Loading Tonel
Tonel is delivered as a loadable feature. To load it, use the Transcript Tools -> Load/Unload Features… to load the ST: Tone Tonel Support feature. Once the feature is loaded, you can transfer code between a Tonel repository and a VAST image using extensions to the Application Manager and the Configuration Manager.
Tonel is not currently enabled for use from the VA Organizer or from Trailblazer.
For more on loading and using Tonel see the GitHub repository [README document](
Last modified date: 09/28/2021