Creating baselines as a team
Your team should create baselines of the product periodically. Early in the development cycle, one baseline every month usually suffices. Late in the cycle, your team might need to create baselines weekly or every few days.
To create a baseline consisting of a configuration map version that contains several applications, your team might do the following:
First, class developers create versions of their classes.
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Next, class owners release the class versions into containing applications and subapplications.
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Next, application managers:
1. Verify that the class versions released are correct
2. Create versions of the subapplications, beginning with subapplications at the bottom of the hierarchy
3. Verify that prerequisites and subapplications released into lineups are correct
4. Create versions of the applications

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Finally, the configuration map manager:
1. Releases application versions into the configuration map
2. Verifies that the application versions released are correct
3. Creates a version of the configuration map

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Last modified date: 10/10/2017