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Developing classes and creating individual baselines
If you are a class developer and class owner, you follow the generic development process daily. This means you do the following:
1. Load an edition of the application containing the class on which you are working.
2. Change the class and its methods.
3. Create a version of the class.
4. Release the class version into the containing application edition.
5. Create an edition of the class version so other members of the team can work in the class.
Try to change classes minimally. Substantial changes can introduce errors that are hard to fix. If you plan on changing a class substantially, create a version of the class before changing it. Then you can revert back to the version if you need to.
It is a good idea to create baselines of your work often. Begin by creating versions of the classes you change daily. Then, alter how frequently you create baselines to suit your needs.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015