Using Preferences Workspace to configure images
To configure Smalltalk images using the settings provided in the Preferences Workspace window, do the following:
1. From the Tools menu, select Open Preferences Workspace. A window opens listing the settings and, following each setting, the expression evaluated to effect the setting. Most settings show the default value.
The list of changeable settings begins with settings that affect configuration management. The first changeable setting affects whether the class EmImageBuilder cancels a load if more than one application defines the same method for a class.
2. To evaluate expressions that change the settings, do the following:
a. Change the value for the setting. For example, if the value is true, change it to false.
b. Using your mouse, select the expression.
c. From the Edit menu, select Execute. The setting is changed.
Also, examine the list of settings in the Preferences Workspace window to see what changes you can effect in the settings.
Last modified date: 10/16/2017