Smalltalk User Guide : Packaging, unloading, and analyzing code : Analyzing the runtime performance of code
Analyzing the runtime performance of code
The development environment has tools that evaluate how long it takes code to run. These tools help you find bottlenecks in your applications.
To determine quickly how long it takes your code to run, you can use the method millisecondsToRun: contained in the class Time.
For an in-depth profile of the runtime performance of your code, you can use a Benchmark Workshop (also called the Stats tool). The Stats tool generates profiles that specify what percent of run time is spent on each executable part of the code.
The team development environment also has a Memory Monitor that displays the number and percent of bytes that your system allocates. You use a Memory Monitor to estimate the amount of memory that a system needs to run your code.
To use the Stats tool and Memory Monitor, first load the configuration map ENVY/Stats.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015