Basic features
The original object remains intact in the image after unloading.
The object dump header is validated before loading to ensure that the stored representation is a valid object unloaded by a compatible version of the Swapper.
For each object loaded, its class definition is checked against the current image class definition to ensure that the number of instance variables and their corresponding variable names match. Objects with class definitions that have changed are mutated into instances of their respective classes. A warning code and message are generated when a mutation occurs.
The unload operation may optionally take a maximum allowed stored space parameter to limit the dump size. The dump fails with an error code if the allowed space would be exceeded.
All operations that fail return error codes describing the problem or limitation. The Swapper may be optionally initialized with an error logging device supporting the WriteStream protocol to allow it to report all error and warning conditions. If no error logging devices are provided, the Swapper will not log error and warning messages.
The stored representation of an object is validated through checksums to ensure integrity.
Objects dumped with previous versions of the Swapper may be loaded with this version of the Swapper.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015