Getting started
The Swapper may be used in various ways to unload and load objects in an application. In its simplest form, it functions as a simple object dumper and loader. In this mode, all objects referenced directly or indirectly by the object to be dumped are also dumped. When this object is loaded, the entire object structure (all objects that were referenced directly or indirectly by the object that was dumped) is re-created in the image. This section presents simple examples of use of an ObjectDumper (used to dump objects) and an ObjectLoader (used to load objects previously dumped). ObjectDumper and ObjectLoader are subclasses of ObjectSwapper.
If you are interested in a list of features, skip to the section Features of the Swapper. Advanced users of the Swapper may wish to skip to Using the Swapper.
Last modified date: 04/19/2022