Providing a customized splash screen
The splash screen, or startup bitmap, for the VAST development environment is built into the executable (i.e. abt.exe). You can replace this splash screen by providing a bitmap file with the same name as the executable (i.e. abt.bmp) in the same directory as the executable. The dialog window that opens will resize to fit around the bitmap. If you do not want a splash screen to display when you start the development environment, you can specify the -nosplash option.
The VAST runtime startup executable (nodialog.exe) normally does not display a splash dialog. If you want a splash dialog at runtime, do one of the following:
1. Add a bitmap resource to the runtime startup executable using a resource management tool such as ResHacker. The Resource Name for the bitmap should be specified as APP_SPLASH.
2. Add a bitmap with the same name as your runtime startup executable to the directory containing your runtime executable.
In either case the dialog window that opens will resize to fit around the bitmap.
Important: The usage of these resource management programs on the aforementioned executables will invalidate their associated digital signatures. Executables and DLLs are digitally signed by Instantiations to establish the authenticity of what was shipped in a given release.
Last modified date: 04/19/2022