Changing the program icon on Windows
On Windows systems the product icon is a resource that is contained in the APP_ICON Icon Group of the startup executable files abt.exe, nodialog.exe, esvio.exe, abtntsir.exe, and abtntsrv.exe. To change the product icon in one or more of these files, you must obtain a resource management program.
Several resource management programs exist. The ResHacker freeware program has been verified as able to replace the program icon in the VA Smalltalk startup executables. Another program is rcedit which is a command line tool to edit resources of an exe.
Important: The usage of these resource management programs on the aforementioned executables will invalidate their associated digital signatures. Executables and DLLs are digitally signed by Instantiations to establish the authenticity of what was shipped in a given release.
Last modified date: 01/16/2020