Primitive failures during explicit IC loading
This error is most often caused by a missing IC file or a missing or errant IC reference within the .ini file. Unfortunately, the name of the missing IC is not reported within the error message text. One way to determine the offending IC is to start VA Smalltalk with the IC that was being loaded. For example, if the explicit load attempt was:
System loadComponent: myic.ic
then try the following from the command line:
abt -imyic.ic -lmyic.log
Don't forget to copy abt.ini to myic.ini before trying this. Also, don't worry if invoking the IC this way doesn't make any sense, it is going to fail because of the error you're looking for anyway. The result of this invocation should be an error message in myic.log indicating the cause of the problem.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015