How snapshot files are located
For packaging purposes, it is important to understand how snapshot files are located, as the mechanism for doing is it quite different from the mechanism for determining the location of ICs. If a snapshot is not present in the SnapshotCache, then packager attempts to locate the snapshot file in the following locations:
1. Output directory the packaging instructions specify. The packaging instruction class is determined from the snapshot ID. (It is one part of the snapshot ID composite.)
2. The current working directory.
3. The directory the image component resides in as specified by the .ini file
4. Directories specified by the SnapshotPath class variable on the class EpImageSnapshot.
5. The specified database.
The EpImageSnapshot class method retrieveSnapshotFromFile:ifAbsent: contains the code for performing the look up, so you might find it easier to remember this method and look at the code within it if you need to recall the directories that are searched for .snp files.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015