Exit due to error: 33--Could not open image file
This problem is usually due to a problem with the .ini file. One possible problem is that there does not exist an .ini file with the same name as the reduced image being used to start with abt.exe (or nodialog.exe). Ignoring suffixes, the .ini file must match the image file name used on the -i option used with abt.exe (or abt by default).
If there is an .ini file that matches the start up image name, then you will need to probe deeper. Chances are that one of the entries in the [IC Path] section of the .ini file is incorrect. To find out more about the problem, use the -l option on abt.exe to direct the default output to a log file. Invoke abt.exe again. Now examine the output log file. The output log file might contain information about the offending IC Path] entry, for example:
Could not open 'ics\myapp\myapp10.icx'
Typically, this is either because the image doesn't exist, or the path to the image is incorrect. Examine the path names carefully. Note that the paths are relative to the directory where the program was started.
Last modified date: 04/24/2019