Method dispatch
Minimize the use of perform:. In particular, avoid using code like the following:
selector := (self request , 'For:') asSymbol.
receiver perform: selector with: parameters.
The packager determines which methods to include in the packaged image by examining which messages are sent. If you use perform: to send a message to an object using the above technique, the packager will not find the methods for which selectors are created dynamically. Any methods referenced in this way will be regarded as unused and they will be omitted from the packaged image.
Your packaged image will generate an error if it attempts to use a method that has been omitted by the packager.
If you do use perform:, you should understand the implications of this decision. Refer to Advanced packaging to determine how to supply additional information to the packager so your application will package correctly.
Last modified date: 04/26/2019