Application prerequisites
You should ensure that your application prerequisites are defined correctly. The packager automatically packages an application's prerequisites. If the prerequisite relationships are incorrectly specified, the packager will probably omit code that is necessary for your application to run properly. See Checking prerequisites for information on how to validate prerequisites.
In addition to the problem of omitting code, the packaged image's startup sequence is dependent on the prerequisite structure. This ordering ensures that your application prerequisites are properly initialized before your application is sent the startUp message. If the prerequisites are incorrectly specified, the startup sequence could occur in the wrong order. This could cause problems during the operation of the packaged image which might not appear at development time, and which can be difficult to debug at run time.
Loading your application into a clean image (i.e, an image that contains a minimal set of preloaded applications including the IDE tools enabling application loading such as the new images named abt.icx and ibmst.icx shipped with the product) is a good way to see whether your application has the correct prerequisites. During the load process, you will be notified if your application refers to any classes not included in the current development image.
Last modified date: 06/02/2020