Browsing attachments
To browse the attachments for an application or subapplication:
1. In the Application Attachments browser, select an application or subapplication edition.
2. Select a single folder. Because attachments with the same stored path name can exist in more than one folder, you can select only one folder at a time.
3. Select an attachment. You can now examine the contents of the attachment in the browser's bottom-right pane. Optionally, you can enter a multiline description of the attachment to replace the default user name and timestamp.
When viewing attachments in a folder, you see the stored path name for each attachment, transformed to match the platform's file system. Regardless of the platform on which the attachment was stored, the viewed path name is the default path name used when the attachment is retrieved. If transformations have been made, you may see multiple attachments with the same path name.
To distinguish among attachments with the same path name, enter a unique description for each attachment, especially when non-portable path names are stored in the library.
Last modified date: 05/19/2020