No versioning of attachments
Unlike for Smalltalk components, VA Smalltalk does not support versioning of attachments or of attachment folders. There is only one edition of a particular attachment (unique by its application edition, folder, and stored path name), and it is always released to the application to which it is attached. Attachments and folders cannot be versioned individually. Attachments and folders become immutable when you version the application to which they are attached.
Because attachments and folders are attributes of an application, any operation that changes them must be performed by the manager of the application. Other users can query, view, and even retrieve attachments, because these operations do not modify the library.
When application editions are imported or exported, all attachments and folders that are attached to them are also copied.
Although there is only one edition of a particular attachment, each time the attachment is updated, the size of the library increases by the size of the attached file. When large attachments are stored, the library is locked for the duration of the operation, which may take several seconds.
Last modified date: 01/29/2015