Importing class versions
To import a version of a class, do the following:
1. Open an Application Manager.
2. From the Classes menu, select Import. One or more windows open, prompting you for the location and name of the library storing the component.
3. Enter the library location. If you want to use native (FILEIO) access, blank out the entry field; if you want to use shared (EMSRV) access, type the hostname or IP address of the EMSRV machine. Press OK.
Enter the library name. In the file selection prompter, either select the file that is the source of the import operation or type its full path name and filename.
4. A window opens, listing all applications and subapplications in the specified library. Select the application that contains the class you want to import; then select OK. A window is displayed, prompting you to select the name and version of the class you want to import.
5. Select a class (left pane), then select a version of the class (middle pane). Select >> to mark the class version for importing. You can select additional classes if you want.
6. Select OK. The system moves a copy of each selected class version from the selected library into the library you are currently using (target library).
Last modified date: 01/29/2015