Deleting applications
This procedure is used for a Configuration Maps Browser. If you are using a TrailBlazer, see Adding, replacing, or deleting applications with TrailBlazer.
To delete applications from a configuration map, do the following:
1. From the list of application editions, select the application edition you want to delete. To select more than one edition, press the Ctrl key while you select the editions.
To determine which applications you should keep, look at the list of prerequisites for your applications in an Application Manager. Delete from your configuration map all applications not listed as a prerequisite. Next, delete those prerequisites that will likely exist in your image when you load your configuration map. Your configuration map should contain your applications and any prerequisites that your applications need to load successfully.
2. From the Applications menu, select Delete. A window appears, prompting you to confirm that you want to delete the applications from the configuration map.
3. To confirm the delete request, select OK. The applications are removed from the Configuration Maps Browser.
Last modified date: 05/19/2020