Example: Creating a configuration map version
In Example: Creating the configuration map Chooser Map, you created the configuration map Chooser Map. As with all containers, you need to create versions of all child components before you can create a version of the container itself. Therefore, you need to create versions of your example subapplication and applications and release them before finally creating a version of your configuration map.
Versioning and releasing the contained components
To version and release the contained components, do the following:
1. Open an Application Manager, or a TrailBlazer on Loaded Applications.
2. Verify that the subapplication DevelopStopwatch is released to its containing application DevelopChooser. If you have not done so already, create versions of DevelopStopwatch, DevelopChooser, and the other three applications, DevelopmentWidget, DevelopTextEditor, and DevelopTimeLogger.
3. Release the application versions to your configuration map by doing the following:
a. Open a Configuration Maps Browser, or a TrailBlazer on Configuration Maps. Select your configuration map; then select the map edition.
b. From the list of applications, select DevelopChooser (the bottome list for TrailBlazer).
c. If you are using a standard Configuration Maps Browser, from the Applications menu, select Release Other. A window is displayed, listing editions and versions of your application.
d. If you are using a standard Configuration Maps Browser, select the latest application version. It is on the top of the list. Also, it should have an asterisk (*) next to it, signifying that it is already loaded in your image.
e. If you are using a TrailBlazer and there is a more recent edition in the right bottom list, then select the newer edition and select Release.
f. Repeat the above steps for the applications DevelopmentWidget, DevelopTextEditor, and DevelopTimeLogger. The application lineup is now configured in your configuration map.
Versioning the configuration map
Next, create a version of the configuration map edition.
You might want to test the configuration map to verify that all applications contained in it load correctly together. The best way to perform a test load is on an image with nothing but the base applications installed. Loading the new map into your existing image tells you little because the map you just created is a subset of applications already loaded into your image. To test the configuration map, do the following:
a. From a Configuration Maps Browser or TrailBlazer, verify that ChooserMap is selected in the list of configuration maps, and that its edition time stamp is selected in the list of editions.
b. From the Editions menu, select Load. After your configuration map edition loads successfully, you can create a version of the edition.
To create a version of the edition, do the following:
1. From the Editions menu, select Version. A window is displayed, requesting you to select a version name.
2. Supply a new version name, or just select OK to select the one given. The edition time stamp changes to the version name you entered.
Last modified date: 05/19/2020